How do you multiply your money from your investment?

There are no questions whether you can multiply your money from your investment. The only thing you need to know is how long to make it happen. For three times your money means getting an additional $ 2 of $ 1 you initially make a total of $ 3. If your investment tool gives you an annual rate of 11.61%, your money will be three times within 10 years.

Can mutual funds do work?
If you give yourself 10 years or more, then the answer is “yes”. It is always possible for mutual funds to get an additional refund of 200% in a certain period. What you do is manage your allocation is more active. To be sure, you need to adjust the battery with your portfolio towards the equity fund. It’s okay to put 20% of bond funds to protect your investment value if equity funds fall.

Use the compound effect
Reinvest your dividend or profit. This is very important. For three times your money in 10 years is not about getting extraordinary returns in a year and thinning it in another year by taking unnecessary risks. Therefore, you need a more diverse portfolio.

What about three times your money in 15 years?
If you have 15 years, the chance to get your money three times even higher. All you need is a 7.6% annual return rate of your investment vehicle and you can search for tools with stable growth. Dividend shares are a good choice. Property and land can also be a good tool because this is an asset that can grow over time.

Risk takers can allocate their portfolo in such a way that 60% of the investment money to be included in the market equity funds develop and 40% in the global market equity fund. On the other hand, conservative investors can choose shares that produce high-quality dividends or good quality bonds that produce consistent annual returns.

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